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Maggioli, Project Coordinator of the Horizon2020 project BRIDGES

Maggioli, Project Coordinator of the Horizon2020 project BRIDGES, announce the implementation of its extended reality (XR) platform has started at Berlin Airport (Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg-BER) in cooperation with partner Illusion Walk and the Airport Fire Brigade.

The BRIDGES Immersive solution has been deployed at the Airports of Berlin and Athens, initiating an innovative approach in firefighter training using  extended reality technologies. In addition, the innovative platform has been deployed at the Foundation of the Hellenic World in Athens allowing visitors to 'immerse' themselves in an ancient Athenian house.

Soon the system will also be installed at Athens Airport (in cooperation with Greek Fire Brigade), and will provide full training capabilities for Airport fire firefighters.
VR technology 'Immersive Deck' was successfully implemented at BER in the vehicle hall of the fire station West. Now we are excited about the next phase: virtual training units like aircraft interior firefighting. Besides the XR tech the project also created a compact, movable robot used for 3D mapping of the room. It was fun to see how easy it was to handle.

bridges-project-staff-and-testers-during-evaluation-activities-june-2022-(2).jpg BRIDGES4.jpg BRIDGES1-(1).jpeg

A third implementation will also implement a cultural scenario with the Foundation of Hellenic World which will allow XR users to live inside an ancient Athenian home.
The BRIDGES project aims at “bridging” the gap between interactive technologies and industries by bringing XR to the real world. BRIDGES solution blends physical and virtual space into an extended reality XR environment to offer MULTI-USER INTERACTION and, MULTI-SENSORIAL EXPERIENCE.

The project demonstrates how useful and cost efficient XR technologies are for advanced skills training but also enhancing cultural experiences by creating immersive environments.



04 July 2022
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Maggioli co-leads a key work package in the EUCAIM flagship project of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. Kick off for federated European infrastructure for cancer images.

The EUropean Federation for CAncer IMages (EUCAIM) project is a 4-year project with 76 partners from 14 European Union (EU) member states.

26 May 2023

Cloud solutions and Data Center

We have developed strictly proprietary Cloud infrastructure and solutions by identifying and leveraging the best technologies on the market.

20 April 2023

Shaping inclusive data Pathways towards the Energy Transition

Maggioli Group is participating in a new project that aims to create a reference Energy Data Space implementation. “Synergies” is an innovative EU funded project that aims at establishing a reference Energy Data Space through sharing innovation in value chains in the energy field, which is fragmented due to the growing number of distributed energy resources connected to the network.

15 February 2023

Maggioli Group participates to a new European project to clinically validate an artificial intelligence solution for breast cancer treatment planning - the RadioVal project

RadioVal is the first major multi-centre, multi-continental and multi-disciplinary project to clinically validate an artificial intelligence solution for the prediction of patient-specific response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer, in eight clinical centers across Europe, South America, North Africa and Eurasia.

08 February 2023