Il Mondo Maggioli

Le nostre attività integrate affiancano la Pubblica Amministrazione Locale e Centrale, i Liberi Professionisti e le Aziende nel semplificare i processi e migliorare i servizi
Soluzioni e ServiziTecnologia e conoscenza sono da sempre le nostre passioni, il nostro business e il modo con cui siamo sempre riusciti a rispondere alle richieste di un mercato in continua evoluzione

Our experience in Spain

Given its legislative affinities and similarities, in terms of Public Administration and the breakdown of local authorities, Spain was the Group’s first approach to the overseas market, dating back to 2016.

In 2020, we expanded our presence in Spain through ATM Grupo Maggioli, a company created thanks to the merger of ATM DOS and Infaplic, two companies acquired by the Group that were already benchmarks for the public sector in the fields of management software, specialised publishing, consultancy, training and revenue management. The following year - 2021 - proved to be one of growth and integration for ATM Gruppo Maggioli, which consolidated its presence throughout Spain and expanded its activities, with a 20% growth in turnover.

In this context, in early 2022 a merger integrated Galileo Ingenieria y Servicios – a Group company with a strong presence in the Canary Islands, specialised in ICT solutions for managing local authority real estate registries and territorial data. Thanks to these synergies, we have become one of the leading players in the field of Public Administration in Spain.

From Europe to Latin America

Thanks to the opportunities created in Spain, the Group decided to take on the Latin American market, establishing a company in Colombia, with offices in the capital Bogotá. Maggioli Latam was founded in 2019 and is the main centre for project development in countries in South America. Its aim is to improve Public Administration services in the two continents, thanks to the successful contamination of expertise and know-how.

The contribution the Group’s experience can provide for Latin American countries is particularly interesting, above all in terms of the analysis, monitoring and creation of virtuous processes, linked specifically to activities relating to population census, real estate registries and demographic services.

In Europe, the process of internationalisation began in 2020, thanks to the opening of an office in the Greek capital, Athens, which deals with R&D activities, with a particular focus on projects promoted by the European Union and the development of business in the ICT sector. It is a growing development centre that is in constant contact with Italy, Brussels – where the Group’s historical representative offices are based – and Spain.