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Le nostre attività integrate affiancano la Pubblica Amministrazione Locale e Centrale, i Liberi Professionisti e le Aziende nel semplificare i processi e migliorare i servizi
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The main characteristics of the Data Center infrastructures

The main characteristics of the Data Center infrastructures

We have developed strictly proprietary Public Administration Cloud infrastructure and solutions by identifying and leveraging the best technologies on the market. We provide our clients with the highest levels of security, availability, flexibility and scalability for all their business needs. 

> Total technical and security compliance; > Placement in innovative Campus Software Data Centers, all within Italy; > Full coverage of client services with AgID accreditation; > Independently managed proprietary computing and networking infrastructure; > Top market player partnerships and technology standards; > Structure and facilities: TIER IV level with ANSI TIA 942 Certification; > Security: ISO 27001 (information technology/data) and ISO 45001 (physical/operational) certifications; > Connectivity: OPEN-IX DC OIX-2 Certification; > Quality/Operability: ISO 9001 Certification; > Energy: ISO 50001 Certification; > Cloud Service and GDPR Compliance: Data management in compliance with EU regulations.

AgID certified cloud service providers

We possess the technical capability to deliver a broad portfolio of AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) - accredited Public Administration Cloud solutions of the Iaas, Paas and Saas types


Infrastructure as a Service
The client has the services of the cloud service provider on which it can implement its application layer. The management and security of the systems and data are the client’s responsibility.


Platform as a Service
For these qualified Cloud services, the client leverages middleware software platforms managed by the Cloud provider and only has to concern itself with data management and the application.


Software as a Service
The client enjoys the professional web-based SaaS software functionality without having to deal with the maintenance of any issues as the entire management is entrusted to the Cloud provider.

Schema Cloud e Data Center

Highly reliable cloud services for the PA

Our team of professionals fully manages all levels of services hosted on Data Centers.
The adoption of directly managed Data Center sites enables the delivery of ultra-high reliability cloud solutions for the PA with guaranteed data integrity, thanks to replication solutions, multiple backup copies, multiple Internet access points, service deployment, and evolving cloud solutions.
Cloud infrastructure design is Maggioli's preferred solution for delivering AgID-accredited qualified SaaS and software services for the PA.
The qualified SaaS cloud service guarantees the highest level of service to the end user who does not have to worry about managing any components; IaaS solutions, on the other hand, offer maximum flexibility while forcing management of operating system layers and higher.

The characteristics of Cloud Services

More agile and flexible operation

Cloud infrastructure design ensures availability, flexibility and scalability of services with superior performance compared to on-premise deployment.

Cost cutting

Costs for hardware, software upgrades and their maintenance, are delegated to the service provider. AgID-certified cloud services are paid for on the basis of a flexible annual fee.

Constantly protected data

Data stored in Cloud undergo the most advanced data protection methods to prevent hacker attacks and potential losses.

AgID Accreditation

Our Cloud solutions for the PA are certified and provide high security standards.

Easy integration

Rapid software solution startup and easy integration with on-premise infrastructure

Designed for Smartworking

Maggioli's Cloud Solutions for the PA facilitate remote work management: files and apps are available online and always accessible.

Tailored solutions

Utmost flexibility in adapting the service to the client’s needs.

All-Inclusive service

Security services, monitoring, access control, system maintenance, data backup and application recovery (included in the fee).

Maggioli Cloud solutions with NOC supervision

To ensure the proper functioning of Cloud Data Center services, Cloud infrastructure design is supervised by a Team of skilled technicians and technological solutions capable of monitoring all hardware and software components 24 hours a day.

This monitoring and supervision solution is called NOC (Network Operation Center) and intervenes autonomously both in proactive and reactive mode in the routing and special maintenance of the entire infrastructure ensuring availability, integrity and security of data and applications hosted at the Maggioli Group Cloud.

The Maggioli Cloud data


Data Center within Italy


Systems managed


Petabyte of data


Institutes managed


Skilled Cloud technicians

Cloud Data Center Infrastructures
in Milan, Bologna and Mantua

Three Data Centers to secure PA Cloud solutions with reliable AgID-certified service providers and utmost data integrity through data replication services, multiple backup copies, multiple Internet access points.

The primary center: Milan, DATA4

  • High-resilience campus Rating 4/Tier IV;
  • Energy up to 38 Megawatt with double grid connection;
  • Connectivity with onsite presence of over 70 operators;
  • Direct interconnection with Milan Internet Exchange (MIX);
  • Used by top market players.

The secondary center: Bologna, Retelit

  • Autonomy in the planning, implementation and design of Cloud infrastructures, with ISO 9001 and 27001 certified operational processes;
  • Direct ownership and management of HW/SW infrastructure (servers, storage, networking and applications);
  • IP Autonomous System addressing;
  • Complete in-house know-how acquisition.

The secondary center: Mantua, Maggioli

  • Autonomy in the planning, implementation and design of Cloud infrastructures, with ISO 9001 and 27001 certified operational processes;
  • Direct ownership and management of HW/SW infrastructure (servers, storage, networking and applications);
  • IP Autonomous System addressing;
  • Complete in-house know-how acquisition.

Partnerships and agreements with top market players

The Maggioli Group boasts operational partnerships with Data4 (colocation), MiX (Exchange Internet), Retelit (networking), Fortinet (security), VMWare (virtualization), Microsoft (operating systems), Commvault (backup), Hitachi (storage) and enterprise agreements for the commercial distribution of cloud licensing with VMWare (VMWare vCloud Director solution), Microsoft (Azure and 365), Google (Cloud and Workspace), Veeam (Veeam Backup&Recovery) and Acronis (Data Cloud).