Il Mondo Maggioli

Le nostre attività integrate affiancano la Pubblica Amministrazione Locale e Centrale, i Liberi Professionisti e le Aziende nel semplificare i processi e migliorare i servizi
Soluzioni e ServiziTecnologia e conoscenza sono da sempre le nostre passioni, il nostro business e il modo con cui siamo sempre riusciti a rispondere alle richieste di un mercato in continua evoluzione
In a workshop in Santarcangelo di Romagna, in the province of Rimini, our entrepreneurial journey began with the specialised and customised production of wooden blades for mills, made with respect for all the aspects and conditions of the local area.
Thanks to its experience in woodworking, the company Maggioli Paolo & Figli (owned by Giuseppe Maggioli) became a supplier to the Ministry of National Education, producing desks, chairs, teaching aids, furniture and school furnishings, as well as equipment for work in primary and secondary schools, products that also began to be manufactured for municipal councils in the ‘40s.
From the knowledge of the public schools sector and of the Local Authorities, it was decided to expand the offer by inserting the typographic activity which in 1963 led to the establishment of the S.T.E.M. - Stabilimento Tipografico Editoriale Maggioli Manlio & Co s.n.c.. The specialization in the field of industrial printing and forms evolves, at the end of the sixties, in the development of the first publishing products for the Local Public Administration.
In May 1964, the first issue of 'Comuni d'Italia', a monthly journal of doctrine, jurisprudence and administrative techniques, was published: still today, after more than 60 years, this journal is a point of reference for local authorities, together with the specialised journals published in subsequent years.
CEM Casa Editrice Maggioli was founded with printing and publishing activities dedicated to Local Authorities, which after a few years - in 1978 - became Maggioli Editore, destined to become the most successful Italian brand of publishing products and professional services for the Public Administration and freelance professionals.

Maggioli, now already an established operator in Italy in the publishing sector, expands the offer of its products with training courses for administrators, managers and officials of the Public Administration whose success leads to the creation of the Maggioli Formazione brand, a point of reference for the professional training update of administrators and officials of Local Authorities.


Anticipating the trend of the digital transformation process of the Public Administration and Companies, Maggioli invests heavily in the IT sector with high technological value, expanding the range of the offer portfolio with software, services and projects related to information communication technology.


Against a rationalization and integration of the various business areas developed, the commercial definition of the 'Maggioli Group', identified by the company Maggioli S.p.A. which incorporates the previously established companies through a merger.

A series of important acquisitions and strategic company shareholdings marked the development of the IT sector in the public and private markets that was to accompany the development of the Maggioli Group in the following years and result in its soon becoming one of the major Information & Communication Technology players on the domestic market.
With the company ATM Grupo Maggioli (Madrid), formed from the merger of ATM DOS and Infaplic, the presence of the Group takes shape - in the context of digital transformation - outside national borders and, especially, throughout Spain; a presence that began in 2016 with the acquisition of Galileo Ingenieria y Servicios (Canary Islands) - incorporated into ATM in 2021.  The activity in Latin America also takes shape thanks to Maggioli LATAM (established in 2019) which is based in Bogotà, in Colombia. In the same year, a new office was also inaugurated in Athens (Greece) for the development of ICT projects.
Three major strategic acquisitions strengthened the ICT sector. Deepcyber, specialized in cyber security, artificial intelligence and anti-fraud systems; Sinapsys, focused on Software and System Integration projects for the Public Administration and centered on the Health sector; Injenia, oriented towards digital transformation, which creates innovative systems for work transformation, cloud transformation, data management and machine learning.


The constant search for people and integration of skills increases the expertise in innovative projects from an IoT, Cloud, AI, Cybersecurity and Data Management perspective, which allow the Maggioli Group to face the opportunities presented by the PNRR - National Recovery and Resilience Plan for digital transformation.