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Framework agreement signed with the FND of Colombia

Maggioli Group takes an important step in the expansion process in Latin America with the signing of the framework agreement with the FND National Federation of Departments of Colombia.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Todisco, Head of International Development of the Maggioli Group and by Dr. Camargo, General Director of the FND (left in the photo), a Federation created in 1994 to promote the administrative process of decentralization provided for by the Colombian Constitution.

The agreement aims to promote joint actions in the processes of territorial, cadastral and public finance management, through consulting services, training and the adoption of innovative technological solutions.



The National Federation of Departments was created in 1994 to promote the decentralization process foreseen by the Colombian Constitution.

The Federation represents the Departments (first-level territorial entities) in relations with the State, the private sector and international organizations, promotes the administrative and financial autonomy of the entities and is responsible for collecting and administering regional taxes.

Therefore, the FND represents a natural interlocutor for the Maggioli Group, which for more than 100 years has been supplying products, services and integrated solutions to the Public Administration in Italy.

The agreement with the National Federation of Colombian Departments of the FND follows the agreement of the Maggioli Group with the “Colombian Federation of Municipalities” to carry out the SIELOCAL project designed to support the Federation in carrying out a system of analysis and supervision of Data for Local Authorities: A technologically innovative IT platform that will gather economic and financial information from different sources to improve the management and transparency of public finances, providing its users with a powerful tool. The project, financed with resources from the European Union, will be implemented by Galileo Engineering and Services (a subsidiary of the Maggioli Group and based in Madrid) and will allow the presentation of interactive information to offer public and open reports from all state administrations.

The signing of the agreement with the National Federation of Departments of Colombia (FND) consolidates the presence of the Maggioli Group in the Latin American area.

18 October 2019
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