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Maggioli Group: a 115 year old startup in Athens

A family-run, but with a wide-ranging horizon, Maggioli Group, Italian company with a history of 115 years behind it, aiming to support technology and knowledge, officially inaugurated this week its presence in our country, even though its R&D Hub in Athens already counts one year of operation and about 50 employees and partners.

"We were late to inaugurate, but let the pandemic be over," Donato Todisco, managing director of international development of the company, admitted yesterday, speaking to NetFax along with the Executive Director for Commercial / International Issues & Marketing (and member of the founding family), Amalia Maggioli, before answering the first question, why they chose Greece. "But because we look very similar: we have the same visions, the same problems, the same way of working, we apply the same, European law."

Both of them are excited by what they saw in Athens, both in terms of conditions and business environment (they have already spoken with the Deputy Minister of Development, Christos Dimas, and many entrepreneurs, while today they are also meeting the President of KEDE, Dim. Papastergiou), as well as in terms of the skills of the human resources (many good words for their team), they have already decided to set up here the R&D Hub of the group and not only.

The aim - based on a model of acquisitions and acquisitions of smaller but innovative companies - is to reach revenues of around EUR 20 million over the next three years. Euro (10% of the group's total) in Greece, bringing as an example their similar expansion in Spain (they are also active in Latin America), where starting the , 17 to 1.8 million. They have now exceeded EUR 10 million in revenue. euro. Wide range of activities Maggioli's activities and solutions support local and central public administration, freelancers and companies in simplifying procedures and improving the services they offer to the whole of society.

Their share in the Italian local authority market exceeds 70%, while in (recent) Spain it has already reached 25%, with significant performance in the management of organizational projects, outsourcing services, traffic control / management technologies and mobile applications, production of printed and electronic documents, as well as projects for cultural institutions, museums and tourism institutions. "However, we are constantly expanding - we are particularly interested in the areas of Cloud, IoT, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and, of course, Smart Cities, where we are also looking for synergies in Greece", mr. Todisco, to add that "we are not in a hurry - we want to understand the market and move forward with small, sure steps towards the future, setting up a good Greek company - even Italian-owned".

18 November 2021
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